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Baptism and Christening Invitations Page 1

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For a larger view of the Baptism and Christening Invitations click on small images below

Baptism Invitations for Girls
B2057 Stained Glass Corners
Pink - 7 x 5"

Irish Cross Baptism Invitations
B2142 Irish Jeweled Cross
7 x 5"

Stained Glass Baptism Invitations for Boys
B2059 Stained Glass Corners
Blue - 7 x 5"

Open Bible Baptism and Christening Invitations
B2426 The Word
7 x 5"

Pink Cross Christening Invitations
B1574 Cross on Pink
7 x 5"

Blue Cross Baptism Invitations
B1580 Cross on Blue
7 x 5"

Blue Church Baptism Invitations
B441 Blue Church
7 x 5"

Pink Paisley Cross Christening Invitations
B2154 Paisley Cross
5 x 7"

Pink Church Baptism Invitations
B442 Pink Church
7 x 5"