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75th Birthday Invitations - Page 1

75th Birthday
Invitations Page 1
75th Birthday
Invitations Page 2
75th Birthday
Invitations Page 3
75th Birthday
Invitations Page 4

For a larger view  of 75th Birthday Party Invitations click small images

Golf Cart 75th Birthday Invitation
B1102 Golf Cart
7 x 5

75th Birthday Invitation Nostalgia
B2437 Nostalgia
7 x 5

75th Birthday Dinner Invitation
B1146 Birthday Dinner
7 x 5

Party Invitation for 60th Birthday
B2452 Nostalgic 75
5 x 7"

75th Party Invitation - Birthday Cake
B4604 75th Birthday Cake
5 x 7"

Religious 75th Birthday Invitation
B1708 This is the Day
5 x 7

Hollywood Theme 75th Birthday Invitations
B540 Lights Camera Action
5 x 7"

75th Birthday Fun - Surprise Party Invitations
B4605 Surprise 75th Fun
7 x 5"

75th Birthday Party Invitations
B1236 Birthday Cupcakes
5 x 7"

Suggested Wording for 75th Birthday Invitations

1.  Some friends are like gold . . .
     Some birthdays are too!
     We want to celebrate both blessings with you.
      Please join us in celebrating
      Carolyn's 75th Birthday

2.  Please join with family and friends to celebrate
     Franklin Moore's 75th Birthday 

3.  You're getting old, for goodness sake
      when the candles cost more than the cake!
     (for over the hill birthday parties)

4.  Turning seventy-five  is really great . . .
     Please join us as we celebrate
     Carl's 75th Birthday

5.  He's right on par and happy as can be . .  .
     Larry Granger is turning 75!
     (for golf theme birthday invitations)

6.  Turning 75 is really great
     so we're going bowling to celebrate!
     (for bowling theme birthday invitations)

7.  Surprise Birthday Party Take 75!
     Join the cast for a
     Hollywood Birthday Production starring Tim Jenkins!
     (for movie and Hollywood theme invitations)

The suggested wording above is specifically for 75th Birthday Invitations from Tiny  Tidings.