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6th Birthday Invitations - Page 1

6th Birthday Invitations
Page 1

6th Birthday Invitations
Page 2

6th Birthday Invitations
Page 3

6th Birthday Invitations
Page 4

Click on image for larger view of 6th Birthday Invitations

Dinosaur 6th Birthday Party Invitation
B2441 Cakeosaurus
5 x 7"

Foxy - 6th Birthday Invitation
B1347 Foxy
5 x 7"

Pirate Party Invitations for 6th Birthday Parties
B1279 Yo Ho Ho
5 x 7"

Truck 6th Birthday Invitation
B1141 Sixth Birthday Truck
7 x 5"

Pink Ladybugs - 6th Birthday Invitations for Girls
B1752 Pink Ladybug Party
7 x 5"

Feliz Cumpleanos 6th Birthday Invitation
B2196 Chihuahuas and Cake
7 x 5"

Pink Rock Star - 6th Birthday Invitation
B2456 Pink Rock
5 x 7"

6th Birthday Bowling Party Invitation
B1124 Bowling Birthday
5 x 7"

Ghost and Cake - Halloween Theme 6th Birthday Invitation
B4688 Ghost and Cake
5 x 7"

Suggested Wording for our 6th Birthday Invitations

1.  Tyler's turning six and that takes the cake . . .
     So come and help us celebrate for goodness sake!
2.  Six is a super age . . .
     so help celebrate as Caitlyn takes center stage!
     (for rock star and dance theme birthday invitations)

3.  Yo, Ho, Ho Come join the crew -
     We're having a party and we need you!
     (for pirate theme birthday invitations)

4.  Turning six is really great
     so come and help us celebrate!

5.  A camouflage party with plenty of action
     and a birthday boy as the main attraction . . .
     (for camouflage birthday invitations)

6.  We can hardly believe it, but another year is done
     so roll on over and help build a load of fun!
     (for construction theme parties)

7.  Kick up your heels and celebrate
     at a birthday party
     that will really take the cake!
     (for karate theme birthday invitations)

8.  Fun and food and a hat full of tricks . . .
     Come join the party as Tanner turns six!
     (for magic theme birthday invitations)

9.  Birthday cake and motor bikes
     are some of the things a six-year-old likes!
     (for bike and motorcycle theme parties)

10.  A tractor and a birthday is all that it will take
      to plan a celebration and have a special cake!
      (for farm, tractor and barnyard theme parties)

11. It's a Six Alarm Birthday!
      Please join us in celebrating
     (for invitations with fire trucks)

12. Come join the celebration -
      It's sure to be wild . . .
      We're having a party for a very special child!
      (for safari and jungle theme parties)

13.  A birthday and a pool is all that it will take
      to plan a celebration and have a special cake!
     (for swimming and pool parties)

14. Cake to spare and too much fun to tally . . .
      A bowling party should be right up his alley
      Please join us to celebrate
      Hunter's 6th Birthday
     (for birthday bowling parties)

15. Put on your best bib and tucker
      and saddle up your horse
      You're "wanted" at a party ...
       For Michael's  6th birthday, of course!
       (for Western themed invitations)

The suggested sayings shown above are specifically for 6th birthday invitations from Tiny Tidings.


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